Look what I found! I made these like… 4 years ago when I worked in skincare and beauty for my coworkers to study with! Important to note that in most of these I talk about its effects in aromatherapy as well as the skincare benefits.

A note about the bergamot: most bergamot oil these days is processed so that it’s not gonna bleach your skin in the sun anymore. Women a looong time ago used to wear bergamot oil and then get like stains on their necks because of the sunlight reacting with the oil.

Most of the ! points are just sort of facts. If you do want to use lemongrass as a natural tick and flea treatment for your pet, please either buy a natural product with lemongrass specifically designed for pets or try a very gentle and diluted homemade recipe. Always do your research when trying natural stuff! :D I wouldn’t recommend rubbing straight lemongrass oil all over your pet. As for the rosemary epilepsy warning, that’s really only if you’re going to do a huge amount or an intensive, frequent rosemary treatment (like if you get massages or use oils at home). If you happen to buy a little facemask that has a little rosemary, you should be fine. Just never overdo it.

Hopefully this can help you guys pick out products both for aromatherapy and skincare! My most favorite oil for aromatherapy is definitely ylang ylang. I take a teeny bottle of it on airplane rides to help keep me calm and I always smell it when anxiety is high.

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